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Rules For Travelling with Small Pets and Birds By Train

Rules For Travelling with Small Pets and Birds By Train

  1. When traveling in any class of train carriage, the passenger has the right to transport small pets/birds free of charge, if they are placed in special container* and the container does not occupy a separate passenger seat. If the passenger wants to place a special container containing pets/birds in a separate passenger seat, a travel document for container should be purchased;
  2. A passenger transporting small pets/birds by train is required to have a veterinary certificate**, which must be presented to the train conductor (service operator) upon boarding the train;
  3. The passenger is obliged to place the pet/bird in such a way that the container does not obstruct the free movement of other passengers;
  4. The passenger is responsible for the pets/birds that are transported by the train and is obliged pay attention to the container and the animals/birds in it, so that they do not disturb or endanger other passengers, damage or contaminate the train and other passengers property. If small pets/birds harm other passengers and train staff, damage and/or contaminate the train and other passengers property, then compensation will be fully borne by the passenger transporting the mentioned pets / birds.

Definition of Terms:

* Special container – a special storage device for small pets and birds, which provides isolation of the animal/bird from outsiders, as well as protection of the property of the train and other passengers from damage and contamination, and its parameters should not exceed 55x35x20. The container must be:

  • Clean, leak-proof and impossible for the animal/bird to escape from the container;
  • Air permeable from three sides;
  • Must have enough space for the animal/bird to move naturally;
  • The bottom of the container should be covered with a Fluid-absorbing tissue.

** Veterinary certificate – Approved by decree of the Government of Georgia Resolution No. 325 dated July 7, 2015, in accordance with the “Rules for issuing veterinary certificates for the transportation of animals and products of animal origin through the territory of Georgia”, which confirms that the pet / bird is vaccinated and is not a carrier any contagious disease.

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