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Quality management policy

Quality management policy

Georgian Railway JSC

Passenger Transportation Branch

Quality Management System Manual Appendix №2

Quality Policy

1.General Provision

1.1. Quality Policy of Passenger Transportation Branch of Georgian Railway JSC is prepared in accordance with the Quality Policy of Georgian Railway JSC, Charter of the SBU, Georgian legislation, international standard ISO 9001:2015 and other internal normative documents.

1.2. Quality Policy is approved by the Company’s Board of Directors and is agreed with the Supervisory Board.

1.3.  Quality Policy is a long-term statement and is not limited with specific time frames. However, top management of the SBU and the Company is responsible for reviewing it annually and updating if and when necessary (the need for amending Quality Policy may be produced by such factors as, for example, important organizational changes, reorganization, changes and innovations in offered products and services, legislative and other external changes, etc.).

1.4. Passenger Transportation Branch of Georgian Railway JSC ensures that all employees of the SBU are familiar with this Quality Policy and pursue it in their everyday activities.

1.5. Passenger Transportation Branch of Georgian Railway JSC ensures communication of this Quality Policy to all interested parties and publishes it on its official web page.

2. Purpose and Scope of the Quality Policy

2.1. This Quality Policy, which is an internal normative document, defines the vision, principles, intentions and responsibilities of Passenger Transportation Branch of Georgian Railway JSC with regard to its quality performance and provision of quality product and service.

2.2. The purpose of this Quality Policy is to:

  • Define what importance does the SBU place on quality assurance;
  • Clearly present the SBU’s commitment to company growth and continuous improvement;
  • Demonstrate that the SBU is always focused on complying with the requirements of customers and other stakeholders, with the legislation and relevant international standards;
  • Define the key principles that form the basis of the SBU’s quality management system and guide the SBU.

2.3. Based on this Quality Policy, specific quality objectives and targets are set, an effective and efficient quality management system is developed, maintained and improved.

2.4. All levels and structural units of Passenger Transportation Branch are in the scope of this Quality Policy and it is relevant for every type of activity conducted by the SBU.

 3. Quality Policy Statement of Passenger Transportation Branch of Georgian Railway JSC

3.1. The primary purpose of Passenger Transportation Branch of Georgian Railway JSC safe, comfortable and quality transportation of passengers within the territory of Georgian and also outside its borders, according to acting legislation and the Charter of the Company. In addition, quality service provision to passengers in passenger service centres, on station platforms and in trains, and making a worthy contribution in country’s development and economic success.

3.2. Passenger Transportation Branch defines quality as compliance with customer, legislative and all other relevant requirements to guarantee effective passenger transportation, service provision.

3.3. Passenger Transportation Branch aims to operate in a manner to ensure maximum satisfaction of customer needs and expectations. Consequently, the Company continuously strives to provide its customers with the service that is efficient, effective, competitive, reliable, safe, comfortable and conscientious.

3.4. All activities of Passenger Transportation Branch, planning and decision making processes are based on the following key principles:

  • Customer focus and orientation on satisfying their expectations and requirements, which implies maintaining effective mechanisms for receiving, analysing and following up customer feedback;
  • Following principles of diligence and fairness in communication with customers, partners, employees and all other interested parties, and creating maximum benefit for them;
  • Ensuring full compliance with relevant legislation;
  • Setting correct and adequate objectives and targets, and working towards their achievement at all levels and directions of the SBU;
  • Effective leadership by the SBU’s top management, which implies formulation of objectives focused on the SBU’s development, success, growth and financial profitability, on one hand, and ensuring their achievement with the efforts of each and every employee, on the other hand;
  • Knowledge of his/her roles and responsibilities by every employee, and doing things right every time, from the very first time;
  • Maximum participation and cooperation of the employees in various processes through open communication and team work;
  • Creating positive work environment for personnel, constant care for their motivation and job satisfaction by implementing efficient human resource management system and practices;
  • Making business decisions based on the analysis of factual information gained from audits and reviews of specific processes and the system as a whole;
  • Commitment to continual improvement and development, which implies both constant monitoring of performance, periodic assessments, timely implementation of relevant corrective and preventive action, as well as care for professional development and growth of each employee;
  • Effective and efficient supplier relationship, including relevant processes for supplier and contractor selection and control, which impacts positively on the quality of product and service provided by the SBU itself.

3.5. Passenger Transportation Branch of Georgian Railway JSC strongly believes that an effective quality management system is a vital and integral part of its successful business and growth. Thus, the SBU aims at constantly maintaining and improving the system, considering legal, customer and all other relevant requirements, ensuring compliance as far as possible, and developing adequately.

3.6. Passenger Transportation Branch is committed to the concept of continual development, and uses the implemented quality management system and the international standard ISO 9001:2015 as a framework for constantly evaluating and improving its processes and performance.