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The timely, comfortable and safe transportation of passengers is Georgian Railway’s main priority. The company works constantly to improve service quality and maintain affordable tariffs, an important factor for the development of the country’s regions.
For this purpose, in 2016-2017, JS Georgian Railway purchased new passenger trains from Swiss company Stadler, which fully satisfy modern standards.
It is possible to purchase a ticket up to 20 days before the train departure via JS Georgian Railway ticket offices, pay boxes, online or through a mobile application.
When registering a passenger for a ticket, it is necessary to present the passenger’s personal identification number. For children under 14, the birth certificate or passport is required (if available).

For the safety of passengers, ticket sales (by ticket sales system) stop 10 minutes before the train departs.
A passenger is allowed on-board the train only after presenting their ticket and personal identification document.
A child under 5 can accompany a passenger for free if he/she does not occupy a separate seat. If the child needs a separate seat, a child ticket should be purchased.
If more than one child under 5 is accompanying the passenger, and also for each child aged 5 to 10, it is necessary to purchase a child ticket.
For children 10 or over, adult rules of travel apply.

Lost or damaged (torn, burnt, wet, etc.) tickets will not be replaced or reimbursed.
An unused ticket can be returned only by the person whose name is registered on the ticket and after presenting their personal identification document.
Passengers can return unused tickets and receive:

  1. a) The full cost of the ticket if the ticket is presented no later than 15 hours before the departure time.
    b) 85% of the cost of the ticket if the ticket is presented from 4 to 15 hours before the departure time.
    c) 70% ticket price if the ticket is presented less than 4 hours before departure.