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Group travel

Group travel

Attention for those who want to travel in groups!

Group request should be handled based on the written consent (or GR group booking application form) where the followingissues must be covered;

In case the legal entity- legal name of organization and identification code;
In case of physical person-name, surname, contact details; train direction; seat classes on board;(Economy, first class, business class) number of seats requested;
Requested dates and availability;
Payment method, cash, credit card, for budget organizations’;
Contact details of ordering party (contact number, E-mail address)
 A list of group members as an attachment, which will indicate the name, surname and personal number of each member;
Child Fare: In case of children Representative must state Child’s birthdate as respective child fares for children aged under 10 years will be based on this;
For those considering group travel can simply fill out GR group application form posted on the JSC ‘’ Georgian Railway’’ Website (Application of a legal entity/ application form of physical person. Please see details below )
Please Consider that the legal entity fills out consent letter on the Organization letterhead, which is certified by the signature /or seal of the relevant responsible person of the organization. The physical person verifies the accomplished application form with the attached signature of responsible person. The completes application, as well as the list of passengers (In case of fare ticket the person should state:name, Surname, ID number / or document number,) once the application for is accomplished it is sent to the following e-mail address:
The consent letter can be applied at any time, no later than 20 working days before the departure of a train. ‘’Georgian railway ‘’ also reserves the rights to consider the applicationsreceived within less than 20 working days. Passengers who strive to get desirable sits and services it is highly recommended to submit application forms in less than 20 working days;
Railway is obliged to consider the application within at least 2 working days if the former is returned within 20 working days before the departure. The communication with the applicant (prior consent) will take place within 2 working days, though the passenger will be informed about the final decision within 1 working day tickets generally go on sale.
At the end of the evaluation procedure, all applications filledby the applicants are evaluated by the company. Communication with the applicant (prior consent) consists of 2 working days after receiving the application. Once the railway tickets go on sale, the applicant will be notified by the final decision within 2 working days.


If all the necessary information is covered in the application, the tickets will be booked and the invoice will be sent to the customer by e-mail (in case of non-cash payment) or the relevant information will be provided (in case of non-cash payment). Please note that the ticket will be considered as purchased. Only after the applicant accomplishes payment through the preferred payment method (bank transfer or cash at the box office) within the set timeframe tickets will be formed.
For a VAT-exempt organization, the ticket fee will be deducted from the VAT amount provided in the prescribed manner. Such an organization must provide an identification code as well as relevant supporting document.
Booking fee for one seat is charged by 5 Gel, on the basis of requesting a return ticket, a commission fee 1 GEL will be added to each ticket along with the booking fee.
From the day of receiving the final consent from the railway (from the day of sending the invoice), non-cash payment, the transfer and issuance of tickets must be transferred no later than 5 working days, and in case of cash payment – within 3 working days.
Please Pay attention to the accuracy of the information statedin the application form, the former is an essential factor to be considered in case of proper registration of tickets and admission to the passenger train.
Please Pay attention to the accuracy of the e-mail, as the former E-mail address is will be used to contact JSC “Georgian Railway”.
In case of absence of requested seats or the application formcompleted by the applicants that does not meet the Company’s requirements, the applicant will be contacted by a company employee by phone or e-mail.




     Travel conditions- Safe travel

Tickets are issued on the basis of the presentation of the identity document of each passenger. If desired, no more than 8 tickets can be issued on the basis of 1 passenger ID card. It is also possible to get tickets on the basis of the identity of 1 passenger (group leader) who travels with the passengers on the routes indicated in the application. Upon boarding the train, group members must present an identity document.
If you have any questions, please contact the hotline 1331, 2199010 or email us at