Country News from Georgian Railway

On August 3, Dato Gorgiladze and Ninia Macharashvili will accompany passengers to Tbilisi-Batumi train. The Georgian Railway continues to get acquaint the passengers with different information about country. The guides will tell the passengers different stories about the old and new routes of Adjara.  If you still are not aware of: where the Princess Balcony is in Batumi, the history of the Batumi Theater, why you should visit the fish market, what is the Nobel Brothers Museum like- be sure to take the Tbilisi-Batumi train. According to the Georgian Railway statement, this is an incomplete list of information and the trip to Batumi will be full of adventures.

It is important for passengers to take into account, that shooting will be done during the trip. For those, who do not get on the train with guides, the Georgian Railway will prepare informational videos.

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