The members of the management of the Georgian Railway met with the representatives of the Latvian international transport company SIGIS

The SIGIS company provides transport and logistics services of railway and multimodal shipments in many countries of Europe and Asia. The mentioned company actively uses the platform, with the help of which it offers the international transportation market, in the process of transporting vehicles, permanent supply of locations and various information. A modern IT system of shipments has also been developed for transport companies, which provides systematic and online accounting of complete documentation and data required for cargo transportation.

Production of electronic documents for registration of shipments in Georgian Railway was introduced in 2017, which involves registration of domestic shipments, as well as production of electronic documents for both domestic and (partly) international shipments. At the working meeting, the parties discussed the process of digitalization of transit shipments, which is one of the main challenges for the development of international routes (including the middle corridor).

The parties agreed that the working meetings will be actively continued in order to promote the ongoing digitalization projects on international railway routes, the production of uniform electronic documents of railway companies and the online data exchange process.