The delegation of the Georgian Railway attended the general meeting of the Middle Corridor in Ankara

The delegation of the Georgian Railway, under the leadership of the Director General attended the meetings of the governing and general meeting of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (Middle Corridor) in Ankara. Heads of railway administrations, port infrastructures and sea carriers of the countries participating in the Middle Corridor presented the report and results of the activities performed in 2023, and also talked about the plans for 2024. The so-called a “round table” dedicated to the Trans-Caspian international transport route in Ankara was also held. Experts from international institutes, cargo owners, forwarders, representatives of business circles of Turkey and countries of the Middle Corridor participated in discussions related to the challenges and prospects in the Middle Corridor.

It should be noted here that within the framework of the visit, the first governing and general meeting of the joint company “Middle corridor Multimodal LTD”,  founded  by the railway of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan was held.

At the meeting, the organizational and operational activities to be implemented by the newly established company in the coming months, were discussed.