Construction of the railway line connecting to the port and the railway station in front of the port.
In October 2016, the Georgian government and the Anaklia Development Consortium (hereafter ‘ADC’) signed an investment agreement on the construction, operation and handling of the Anaklia Deep Sea Port. According to the agreement, the Georgian government is to provide ADC with the exclusive right to construct, own, develop, use, exploit and economically make use of the Anaklia Deep Sea Port on the invested territory, in line with the terms outlined in the agreement. According to the same agreement, the State is obliged to arrange railway and road infrastructure to the sea port.
The project considers connecting the port to the existing Senaki-Ingiri-Gali rail route with a fully electrified single-rail line. The project starts on the territory near Tsatskhvi village and continues east to the Anaklia Deep Sea Port. The 17 km line runs through flat rural territory. It was initially planned to have a single-rail railway to serve cargo transportation only. A second rail is planned for future implementation. The initial project also considers allocating a special place for further expansion of the line to the south of the first rail.
In terms of buildings, the project considers the construction of bridges and water viaducts. At the initial planning stage, only minimal sizes and locations were presented for the buildings.

Description of the current works
Construction of the Anaklia Deep Sea Port (hereafter ‘Project’), the railway station in front of the port (hereafter ‘Anaklia railway station’) and other auxiliary railway infrastructure is funded by the Georgian government.