Georgian Railway subsidiary will carry out container shipments to Europe by feeder ship

Georgian Railway subsidiary GR Logistics and Terminals, along with Ady Container (Azerbaijan), KTZ Express (Kazakhstan) and the Caspian Shipping Company ASCO, will carry out container shipping by means of a feeder ship via Georgian ports to Europe.

The first feeder ship from Poti port will transport 146 TEU containers to the Port of Romania, to Constanza. After reloading at the port of Constanza, the cargo on board will be shipped to Germany and Hungary, and later to other European countries. The feeder line start between the Black Sea ports will facilitate increase freight traffic on the Transcaspian International Transport Route. The direction of container shipping is as follows: Europe – China – Europe and Europe – Central Asia – Europe. The feeder ship will operate regular voyages between the ports Poti / Batumi and Constanza. The ship with a capacity of 210 TEU containers, will operate three voyages a month. The project is supported by the European company Grampet (Romania), a member of the Transcaspian International Transport Route Consortium. Companies: Rail Cargo and Metrans also participate in container shipping.