Georgian Railway celebrated the professional day and awarded employees in various nominations

Georgian Railway celebrated the professional day. The management of the company identified the winners in various nominations and special awards were given to them. We would like to remind you that according to the decree of the Government of Georgia, October 10 was officially announced as the day of railwaymen in 2022. Honorable and veteran railwaymen, reliable engine drivers, the best defenders of traffic safety – this is an incomplete list of nominations. This year, the company awarded more than a hundred employees.

The director general of the Georgian Railway, David Peradze, and the heads of the branches gave cash bonuses, certificates and other gifts to the winners. Moral and material encouragement of employees of the Georgian Railway is aimed at timely appreciation of special efforts and results. It should be noted that awarding railwaymen and celebrating the professional day is a long-custom tradition of the Georgian Railway.